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Dear valued clients,
The secret of the Japanese cuisine at 99 Sushi Bar is based on the excellent products that we are working with, the preparation of our dishes a la minute and its immediate consumption; all aimed to the fully enjoyment of its freshness.
Throughout our 15 years of history, it has been in a few occasions that 99 Sushi Bar has prepared food to takeaway. However, due to the “State of Alarm” stated by the government and due to the numerous requests from our clients, we have decided to begin a new era with the only purpose to fulfill your wishes for as long as this situation remains.
For this reason, from the month of May you will be available to enjoy at home, at the office or wherever you like the most, a wide variety of our dishes, in the same way as you can enjoy them in our restaurants.
We have elaborated a menu that will allow you to continue enjoying the quality of 99 Sushi Bar experience.
In order to comply with all guarantees and make it possible, he have temporarily dedicated a specific area within our premises with the only purpose to commit exclusively with the demand of take-away and deliveries.


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