Alaskan king crab gunkan. Lobster maki with sake, wakame
seaweed, cucumber and yuzu.
Toro tuna maki with avocado,
red tobiko, shiso leaf and rolled
in a thin layer of daikon.
Anchovy and sardine nigiri. Turbot flambé nigiri with coriander oil and momiji oroshi. Grilled toro and smoked iberian air dried beef temaki with a chili tomato emulsion and aromatized herbs. Toro flambé nigiri with tomato purée. Alaskan black cod au gratin with two layers of red miso. Warm nigiris. Capumiso soup fermented soy with seaweed,
white truffle, spring onions and tofu foam.
Roasted suckling pig toban jan with pistachio and bacon rashers. Two sea urchin tempura sticks with shiso leaves accompanied by a delicate sauce of egg yolk, soy, lemon and butter. Wild boar gyozas with caramelized onions, Arzúa cheese and chestnut infusion. Mont royal young pigeon
with crystallized pumpkin.
Spicy tuna tartar and pickles salad
with wakame seaweed and shoestring
chips in kimuchi sauce.
Mackerel tartar marinated with soy sauce and ginger,
virgin olive oil and ponzu sauce.
Tiger prawn tempura with spicy and creamy sauce. Sea bass usuzukuri with red mojo. Grilled scallops with mentaiko and ume sauce.
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